As salamu alaikum and hello i bid to all…

After the much anticipated deliverance of the annual budget for the year 2017, i still cannot fathom why our leaders are so ignorant, naive and in denial. Is it because they are seducing us with a one-time bribery to grasp on the popularity game or elude us from the inevitable truth? 

We can surely feel and identify that Malaysia’s economy is suffering. The head of the country is ignoring this fact and refuse to address it properly. Simple questions like: how to address our national debt; how to produce more employment opportunities; and many more. 

In the latest budget, the allocation for local universities are cut by a large sum. I’m beginning to wonder how these universities are going to cope…  by reducing employees? Lessen field trips which gives unattainable real life exposures for  students? Using dilapidated  facilities? Lots of questions are left unanswered. 

We are facing a great deficit and i don’t  think we can deny it any longer. As the head of the country, one must be more creative and innovative in ensuring the country is stabile financially and politically. Not by playing this popularity game by giving away one time money. 

With an FBI investigation on The horizon, our PM must be accountable and responsible for what ever happens to the country. We are not just talking about 10-20 people, rather 26million people in the country. Stepping down might not be the right solution for him but it’s an option worth considering. This debacle has been going on for too long and the people needs a new leader who can beat this gloominess that shrouds Malaysia currently.

I still have a dream where Malaysia would prosper yet again… but not under the leadership of the current. Be strong.

As salaamu alaikum.



As salaamu alaikum and hello i bid to all…

As of recent, i have been procrastinating on the one thing that helps me ease my mind and that is writing. I began to notice the ability to articulate nor to think in the language that i consider my mother tongue depleting at an alarming rate. I no longer find interest in expanding my vocabularies nor do i indulge in attaining new ones. 

I used to love reading the news, articles, literatures of sort so i can improve myself in becoming a eloquent orator while expanding my knowledge on whatever topic that is presented to me. Ever since i chose to be an ignorant, lots have changed. My way of thinking, communicating and overall mindset have differed to my previous being. I wish to regain my knowledge…

I was totally lost in the sea of ignorance with no lifeboat to drift me to the shores of knowledge. I was in desperate need of a float to keep me gasping for air. I cant really pin point as to when i began feeling disenchanted but i noticed some changes as i began to reach the end of my educational years.

This coming september will be my last semester in uitm in which i will be starting to writing my thesis. Could it be that i feel elated that i’m finally getting that second degree? Or is it because the knowledge that was disseminated was not totally embedded in my rustic head of mine? What have i learned? Was the knowledge i obtained was merely to get good grades and finish the course? That was not the main reason as to why i furthered my studies. I wanted the knowledge to be useful in the years ahead but it seems as though it is… Vanquished… Gone… Disappeared… 

I have set myself a personal fatwa by which i will try to read more. Be more knowledgable in the future. Read more… Explore. Understand things more in depth. Be a wholesome person rather than a specific individual. In shaa Allah. May Allah guide me in this pursuit of knowledge in the days to come. I will try to write more interesting things in the future. Till then… Au revoir

Lets improve ourselves

As salaamu alaikum

What a work out… Phewwww…

Assalamu alaikum and hello i bid to all…

Today’s entry is gonna be a bit of a quickie. Well spending the CNY holidays in sepang is really hard work. The maintenance of the house here is unforgivable to say the least. Lotsa chores that needs to be done, especially the gardening. 

Since we have a large garden, my parents decided it would be neat  to plant some trees like mangoes, rambutans, lime and the list goes on, for our own consumptions. However, the past year little or no fruit at all. Hence, the effort of trimming and cleaning those trees are on the shoulders of my dad and yours truly. 

Now the crux of the story is not about the trees, no. Rather, what’s living on those trees that fascinates me. A part of me felt guilty but a part of me felt like it had to be done. I am talking about the mighty weaver ants, or in malay the mighty kerengga.

They are not only ruthless but also cunning, relentless and strategic. Chopping down the trees are the easy part but hauling them is another. Each ant is strategically located at every branch as to when one wishes to approach and haul the tree, they’ll be there to strike. The philosophy is very basic: protect the house at all cause. The bite itself is very painful and the sting will get you to scratch here and there. We suffered terribly and had to seek the assistance of ridsects. Hehehe. I became a murderer of these ants and sad to say i killed by the millions perhaps. Yes, shame on me; but it was either me or them. I had to make a choice and ridsect was the weapon of choice.

Now reflecting on these ants, i saw how they were united and worked together in protecting their home. Why aren’t we doing the same? We are witnessing blatant act of destruction in front of our eyes and yet we chose to ignore it. Like i’ve mentioned yesterday (early this morning) the disease is right in front of us and it seems like we can’t do anything about it. On an individual level, not much… But as a unified voice, we can tell that greedy leader of ours to step down. I encourage you to be an advocate of change. Lets all aim for that better Malaysia for our childrens’ children. 

Think, research and analyse.


Assalamu alaikum and hello i bid to all…

Since CNY is upon us, and i’m just chilling in sepang, i thought i’d do a bit of reading. Specifically about malaysian politics. The more i read the more i become intrigued by the revelations made by the Swiss AG, Singapore, our own investigative journalists, bloggers, previous prominent figures and our very own attorney general – TS Apandi. Somehow informations from these alternative medias are consistent but TS Apandi seems be loyal to his so called “Master”in keeping him relevant. 

Much ass kissing can be seen from our local ministers and politicians alike. Namely newly elected kedah MB – Bashah, Ahmad Maslan, Rahman Dahlan, KJ, especially Zahid Hamidi and many more. Like Dato Khairuddin Hassan said all these goons are trying to stand for something that is false. Or in malay terms : menegakkan benang yang basah. I dont get why such dedication is given to protect a person who is obviously destroying Malaysia? It baffles me, really. It’s like u have diabetes and your toe has become gangrenous. It has decayed to the core but still you want to preserve it since it’s your toe. If you were to cut off the toe it would have a better chance of not infecting your whole feet.

These people are really practicing unethical politicking and this is where it gets interesting. The oppositions are just sitting back and observing the demise of BN or UMNO in particular. They are just sitting back and enjoying the view. And from time to time they’ll just add a bit of petrol to the fire just to see it ignite to a bigger flame. This is a good strategy by the opposition. 

An investigative journalism site was blocked by the multimedia ministry simply because it was spewing facts about our corrupt leader and his goons. And to think that people are dumb enough and could not access such sites. Really? Nowadays information is at your finger tips and information can be attained from numerous sources.  Please check out using proxy sites. The government cant do shit about it. The people needs to know the truth and since the government is evading every critical questions, the people have the right to make their own assumptions. It’s called the freedom of speech. 

It annoys me when we have leaders who are trying so hard to lie to the public. As a result of that, we are included in the top ten of most corrupt government in the world. As suggested by Dato Khairuddin; who is advocating this 1mdb investigation, the PM should take leave as the investigation proceeds so he has no influence on the matter. I have to agree with this approach. Another member of the opposition suggested that Najib should vacate his finance ministry position and hand it over to TS Zety as she is more credible at handling financial crisis. This, i have to concur. With this move, Najib will be able to sit back and have a long rest while the investigation takes place. Don’t get me started on the press conferences that was held by 1mdb and the AG to justify Najib’s innocence. 

Let me just update you on what’s been happening around the malaysian politics as of recent: No subsidy for rice and fuel, higher cost of living, increase in toll rates, gst, the currency is in despair, Tabung haji received a warning from bank negara of their eroding reserves and yet they still gave away dividends of 5% + 3%. Our beloved PM is shrouded with scandals, Malaysia is now known for our 1mdb scandal which puts our credibility and reputation to shame. 

As for the the 1mdb scandal – an arab foreign minister said the donation was not from the government however it was from an individual; for the purpose of investment. Not donation. Najib reiterated by saying he returned the “donation” as it was not utilized… In 2013. What? Get your chronolgy checked please Mr. Prime Minister. Another report reveals that a turkish prince got kickbacks from this 1mdb deal. I don’t  understand why Najib is not taking any legal actions towards these organizations like Al Jazeera, Sarawak report, Malaysia kini, etc for slandering or defaming him. Is it possible that they might be saying or letting people know of the truth? All he did was send a letter of justification for exposing such matters. As of 1 hour ago, TS Apandi made a statement on amending the OSA act where people who leaks government informations would get life imprisonment and a complimentary 10 whipping. Wow. What a way of using scare tactics. 

Many of us wants change but as of current, it is very difficult to acheive it. Maybe some of us loves UMNO so much so that we are willing to give UMNO a second chance through a change of leadership or just plain ignorant. I dont know. All i know is we need to change. For a better Malaysia. I, for one, would love to see a change of government… But i dont see any credible candidate who can lead to a better Malaysia; be it from BN, PAS or the Pakatan rakyat or whatever it’s called now. Sad, isn’t it? Lets just pray for the best. May Allah guide us all…


Assalamu alaikum and hello i bid to all…

As human beings we are blessed with an abundance of emotions; be it from great happiness down to the pits of sadness. We are able to express and articulate those feelings in a manner where it is prudent to be wary of our surroundings and environment. Since we were babies, we express them via crying or laughing or just simply being jovial when being around the people that we love. Anger too, can be be expressed through multiple ways either by shouting from the top our lungs or just being predominantly quiet. 

In any case, people tend to choose different ways of expressing their emotions based on their characteristics or personality. I did mention in my previous posts that i wish to have an open communication and transparent relationship but it seems that the informations can sometimes be misconstrued or even misunderstood by people around me. Hence, choosing the latter would prove to be a better option thinking such action would not be a spark that would ignite any arguements or what have you. I have fallen in to the hands of malignant fate. The accumulation of animosity and rancor has led me to this state. 

Better to just ramble here than to keep it in ones head. 

Thank you wordpress for listening. 

How u doin’, Malaysia?

Assalamu alaikum and hello i bid to all…

Today’s entry won’t be as critical as before, i think. Just want to reflect on the current being of our beloved country, Malaysia. I was having a political conversation with a fellow masjid dweller and it dawned on me that… As of current, we are in such an abysmal state.

Politically, we are divided. Our leader, who was supposed to ensure our country’s stability in all aspect, is surrounded by conspiracy that involves the nation’s fund. The move to sign the TTP Agreement as objected by many individuals are ignored and economically, we are in turbulence. The two individuals who are trying to seek justice in exposing these outrageous scandal are being charged in high court under economic sabotage. With the ringgit fluctuating at an ever high state, we rely on tourism to boost our economy but Malaysia is shrouded in one of the worst haze season in the past few years; thanks to our neighboring country. Also due to the haze, our health is affected whereby children are unable to attend school and are encouraged to stay indoors. The GST was implemented at a high introductory rate of 6% which creates the ripple effect which results to an increase in all sorts of prices from everyday necessities to services. The toll rates are hiked to an astonishing 80% on certain consessions. According to our leaders these increases are due to the elimination of subsidiaries to build more “schools and hospitals”. The mystery of MH370 still goes unsolved and has suddenly disappeared from the pages of our newspapers. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing rapidly and the effort of narrowing the gap seems to be futile. Now, did i miss out on anything as of recent affairs?

Believe me, i am not trying to be pessimistic but there’s so much negativity that’s surrounding our current state. I’m hoping that on the 23rd Oct 2015, there will glimpse of light at the end of a dark and long tunnel for Malaysia. I do hope our leaders will take the time to actually listen what the people are trying to articulate. I just wish more politicians are more sincere and honest in executing their duties since they hold the “amanah” of the rakyat on their shoulders.

I’ve read somewhere that people are willing to sacrifice a small portion of their freedom in a democratic nation if the leaders are willing to ensure them with justifiable amount of security in all aspect of life’s spectrum. This means, the nation is harmonious, economically stable and the infrastructures are well equipped. I guess thats the price to pay to be living in a developed country…

Well, i guess thats all i can ramble about for now. I pray for the best for our beloved country and the prosperity of our people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender and even beliefs. Simply because I love Malaysia and it’s people…

Love, pray and hope for the best
Assalamu alaikum